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Spiritual thoughts

"Patience is a Life Jacket"

One of the wonderful benefits of daily self Reiki is the awareness of spiritual thoughts that just naturally appear. "Patience is a life jacket" came to me a few years ago and I have used this saying to help me is so many situations. I have decided not to keep this to myself and share it so that others can have this visual as a reminder. Why is Patience a Life Jacket? It is a Life Jacket since Patience can save you from many difficult situations. When you feel that you are at the end of your rope try the visual of  putting on your patience Life Jacket to keep your head above water and out of danger. It can keep you from saying or doing things that you may have wished you had not. Patience can give you time to look at a situation a little more so that perhaps you may respond in a better way or choose to let that situation go.  Just a thought. A Life Jacket.
                                                                 Love, Marybeth