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Father's Day 2016

   Fathers Day can be very joyful for so many!  For those whose fathers are still alive they can reminisce with their Dad the joyful memories of growing up with their supportive, fun Dad. Today is a wonderful day to celebrate that father from whom they learned and received so much. It is important to send a card, make a phone call or even better if possible go visit your father to celebrate him on this special day! It is much appreciated when you do. Those whose fathers have passed may find today a bittersweet day since they miss  the presence of someone so dear. Still the good memories of that Dad carry them on.
    I also find it important to acknowledge those who do not have the fondest memories at Father's Day. Those who grew up with a father who was not involved in their lives in a positive way or maybe not at all. Today can be a difficult day.  It is sad and hurts the heart when they have to think of what today could have meant to them. It can be a great loss for some. Others have come to terms with it already and have learned to cope and cope well. Either way it is important to feel the feelings of loss. It is even more important to move on in a positive way after having spent the time needed in sadness. Breathing deep breaths frequently is really important to counteract the shallow breathing that accompanies sadness. This increases the oxygen level to your cells and eases emotional pain. It is good to keep your hands over your heart and solar plexus as a comfort measure. The spiritual energy from your hands helps heal the emotional pain and anxiety that may come up for you.
    Gratitude is the key to this day. Being grateful for a Dad that was good to you or turning your gratitude to someone who helps you to have lightness of heart if you do not have good memories on this day. Let that person be more important to you than the sad memories and watch what happens. Make good memories of today so that tomorrow you will have an even better day!  Many Blessings to us all!

   -  Marybeth

Living the Five Usui Principles

   Learning the Usui Principles was a key to a better life for me. Along with doing daily self reiki, they also helped to improve my self worth and ultimately self esteem. It was suggested by Mikao Usui to hold your hands in the prayer position (Gassho) and repeat these principles each day as you let each one settle in to your being.

   Here is a personal interpretation of the five Usui Principles, where physical and emotional self-care are concerned as well as self esteem.  Every one will have their own interpretation of what the Usui Principles mean to them according to their level of spiritual growth. There are many wonderful Reiki practitioners around the globe. We are all practitioners and should consider ourselves practitioners no matter the level we have completed. If our hearts are honest and centered in our practice of Reiki, then more bountiful is the energy that passes from our hands.
    1. Just for Today Do not Worry:
 People with good spiritually based self esteem don't feel the need to worry much, nor for very long, since they have faith that things will work out as they should. This is not to say that they don't worry ever, but, they can evaluate sooner how important it is to worry about a certain situation. A positive attitude is more likely to attract a positive outcome than a fear based attitude. There is a difference between worry and healthy concern which is necessary for safety issues. Still the positive attitude, even when there is need for concern, will help the situation more.
    2. Just for Today Do not Anger:
   It is unnatural to never get Angry. Anger can be a necessary emotion to set healthy boundaries when someone has crossed them, attempted to invade your space or as a song says "done you wrong".  What is healthy and healing, is to reasonably address anger either directly if you can to the person, writing about your anger in a journal or by talking to a trusted friend. Anger is a natural emotion. Holding on to anger beyond its usefulness interferes with your sense of self and self esteem. It can also settle in your body as dis-ease. So if you find you anger easily, think about why you allow people to push your buttons so much, and learn ways to release your anger in healthy ways. Self Reiki, as I mentioned above, also helps you to set boundaries when anger producing situations arise. Those who are practicing self Reiki meditation will avoid or deal differently with known anger producing situations, when they can, as a way of keeping peace in their lives. If someone has upset you, another way of coping is to say a prayer for them to take the sting out of your hurting. Saying a prayer helps to turn the situation over to the brilliance of the universe.

  3. Just for Today Be Grateful:
 Nothing turns around a bad day or negative feeling easier or faster than Gratitude!  When you start your day and awaken with joy it is easy to be grateful. If you awaken and your mind is like a dangerous neighborhood to live in, you can reverse that mind to a great neighborhood to live in, with a gratitude list and positive affirmations. When we are lonely, tired or sick, the old tapes can come creeping back and try to sabotage your self-esteem work. You want to cancel these false entrances appearing real, with a good dose of Gratitude! Start with little things if you need to, things we take for granted that are not so little like our ability to see, walk, hear or breathe. People who have lost these abilities would remind us, to not take them for granted.
          4. Just for Today Be Kind to All Living Things:
    Be Kind. Smile at someone today that could use a smile. Open the door for someone if you both have reached that door at the same time. You might have just given them the kindest gift they have received in awhile. Or if someone opens the door for you or does a little act of kindness, say thank you. Common Courtesy can be a by-product of high self-esteem. Kindness means being kind to you also.  Spread Joy!

          5. Just for Today do an honest days work:
    Each day take an honest look at yourself. What can you do to be a better version of you that day. Now here is a huge building block for self-esteem:  Admit when you have made a mistake and apologize. People with good self esteem are not afraid to admit when they are wrong since they know an apology coming from them is not going to crumble their sense of self.
Are you honest in the business side of your Reiki practice?  Not everyone needs or desires to have a business side to their Reiki practice, which is great no conflict of spiritual interest there. If you do, then represent the true essence of Reiki practice and be honest about your classes, your training and with your income. Dishonesty is a huge block to self-worth and self-esteem. Clean up your side of the street. 
    We are not perfect beings we will mess up from time to time. The goal is progress not perfection. You have free will to judge yourself here on earth. Be easy with you as you grow, treat yourself the way you would a dear friend. If you get rusty on a Reiki principle fix it and do better the next day.                  
     When we work at achieving high self-esteem, it does not mean 'we think we are all that' (ego), 'we know that we are all that' (self-esteem). We know, because we have done and continue to do enough spiritual work, to know that our gifts are just on loan to us. We are aware that our Universal Divine God is in those gifts and shining brightly.
   Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN
     Traditional Reiki Master

Distance Reiki

                                                  Distance Reiki
 When I studied Reiki with John Harvey Gray, who studied from first degree to mastership with Hawayo Takata, I recall it being stressed in Reiki 1 that is was very important to ask permission before touching someone to be a channel for Reiki. I stress the importance of this ethical issue with my own students. As I was studying Reiki  2  with John I asked him if we have to ask permission to send Reiki to someone where we are not actually touching them. He was very clear that we did not have to ask permission to send distance Reiki. This I would think is a personal choice to ask permission to send or not. What if you wanted to send Reiki to the troops in the Middle East do you think you would have to get in touch with them before you send Reiki for their highest and best or to say a prayer for them?? No that would be silly. I attended a Reiki conference recently and the speaker tried to express her opinion on sending distance Reiki as an ethical issue which it is not, it, is a personal choice.  She did not train with John Harvey Gray. She felt that we should ask permission before sending Reiki. We do not have to ask permission to send Reiki or a prayer. If Hawayo Takata felt that it was important or ethical to the practice of Reiki I am sure she would have impressed upon John that it was necessary. He honored Hawayo Takata, her teachings and upheld them in his 36 years practicing and teaching Traditional Reiki classes. 
  So send Reiki to your hearts content since it will benefit you and someone else.