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Reiki for Animals

Reiki for Animals

       Yes pet owners your pet benefits from Reiki practice too! So much has been written about the benefits of Reiki here on the Angelic Touch Reiki website, as well as in books and health related magazines around the world. The powerful effects of Reiki practice on helping people to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and naturally is just what this world needs. With the high price of veterinary care, what many pet owners don't realize is that animals benefit just as well, if not more, than people do with Reiki practice. You may be saving yourself a lot of money and unnecessary trips to the vet as well. I have used Reiki practice on my cats for years. With the exception of an overnight stay for one of them when she ventured out into the night and got bit by some large toothed animal, they have not had to visit the vet outside of normal shots for rabies etc.. By the way the vet was amazed how quickly the wound healed because I was utilizing Reiki practice on the wound daily. Many people I know whose animals do not receive Reiki from their owners or prophylactically from a certified Reiki practitioner seem to rack up huge veterinary bills for digestive, kidney, and liver problems etc. Just lately I was contacted by someone who was referred to me for a problem she was having with her 19 year old cat. The cat of course because of her age had some hip and hind leg problems plus some digestive organ dis-ease. The owner was concerned that her cat was in pain and they were going to be traveling on a plane with her. She ordered distance Reiki treatments from me and I was able to assess where the kitty was uncomfortable as well as give him a healthy dose of Universal life force energy. A few days later the kitty was climbing up into its cat condo and purring more than it had in awhile. Also the kitty was calm through the plane ride and was eating more when they reached their destination. So save yourself a trip to the vet when it isn't necessary by calling or emailing me to treat your animal energetically. You can also take a Reiki class with me and I can teach you how to treat yourself and your pets!
Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN
Traditional Reiki Master