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Father's Day 2016

   Fathers Day can be very joyful for so many!  For those whose fathers are still alive they can reminisce with their Dad the joyful memories of growing up with their supportive, fun Dad. Today is a wonderful day to celebrate that father from whom they learned and received so much. It is important to send a card, make a phone call or even better if possible go visit your father to celebrate him on this special day! It is much appreciated when you do. Those whose fathers have passed may find today a bittersweet day since they miss  the presence of someone so dear. Still the good memories of that Dad carry them on.
    I also find it important to acknowledge those who do not have the fondest memories at Father's Day. Those who grew up with a father who was not involved in their lives in a positive way or maybe not at all. Today can be a difficult day.  It is sad and hurts the heart when they have to think of what today could have meant to them. It can be a great loss for some. Others have come to terms with it already and have learned to cope and cope well. Either way it is important to feel the feelings of loss. It is even more important to move on in a positive way after having spent the time needed in sadness. Breathing deep breaths frequently is really important to counteract the shallow breathing that accompanies sadness. This increases the oxygen level to your cells and eases emotional pain. It is good to keep your hands over your heart and solar plexus as a comfort measure. The spiritual energy from your hands helps heal the emotional pain and anxiety that may come up for you.
    Gratitude is the key to this day. Being grateful for a Dad that was good to you or turning your gratitude to someone who helps you to have lightness of heart if you do not have good memories on this day. Let that person be more important to you than the sad memories and watch what happens. Make good memories of today so that tomorrow you will have an even better day!  Many Blessings to us all!

   -  Marybeth

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dissertation help on Saturday, September 15, 2018 7:28 AM
On this father day, I wanted to give a message to my father as well who is not alive. But dad I know that you are still watching me from the heaven and I know you are happy there. But I really miss you dad. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there.
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custom dissertation writing services on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 4:57 AM
It is for my dad, on this Father’s Day I wanted to tell you that how much I love you although I have to hide my feelings from you every time. But now I really miss my dad. Have a good time in heaven.
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Essay Writing Services UK on Friday, December 28, 2018 8:56 AM
Father is a great hero for all of us. we have no words to say thanks for anything.
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