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"Patience is a Life Jacket"

One of the wonderful benefits of daily self Reiki is the awareness of spiritual thoughts that just naturally appear. "Patience is a life jacket" came to me a few years ago and I have used this saying to help me is so many situations. I have decided not to keep this to myself and share it so that others can have this visual as a reminder. Why is Patience a Life Jacket? It is a Life Jacket since Patience can save you from many difficult situations. When you feel that you are at the end of your rope try the visual of  putting on your patience Life Jacket to keep your head above water and out of danger. It can keep you from saying or doing things that you may have wished you had not. Patience can give you time to look at a situation a little more so that perhaps you may respond in a better way or choose to let that situation go.  Just a thought. A Life Jacket.
                                                                 Love, Marybeth

Father's Day 2016

   Fathers Day can be very joyful for so many!  For those whose fathers are still alive they can reminisce with their Dad the joyful memories of growing up with their supportive, fun Dad. Today is a wonderful day to celebrate that father from whom they learned and received so much. It is important to send a card, make a phone call or even better if possible go visit your father to celebrate him on this special day! It is much appreciated when you do. Those whose fathers have passed may find today a bittersweet day since they miss  the presence of someone so dear. Still the good memories of that Dad carry them on.
    I also find it important to acknowledge those who do not have the fondest memories at Father's Day. Those who grew up with a father who was not involved in their lives in a positive way or maybe not at all. Today can be a difficult day.  It is sad and hurts the heart when they have to think of what today could have meant to them. It can be a great loss for some. Others have come to terms with it already and have learned to cope and cope well. Either way it is important to feel the feelings of loss. It is even more important to move on in a positive way after having spent the time needed in sadness. Breathing deep breaths frequently is really important to counteract the shallow breathing that accompanies sadness. This increases the oxygen level to your cells and eases emotional pain. It is good to keep your hands over your heart and solar plexus as a comfort measure. The spiritual energy from your hands helps heal the emotional pain and anxiety that may come up for you.
    Gratitude is the key to this day. Being grateful for a Dad that was good to you or turning your gratitude to someone who helps you to have lightness of heart if you do not have good memories on this day. Let that person be more important to you than the sad memories and watch what happens. Make good memories of today so that tomorrow you will have an even better day!  Many Blessings to us all!

   -  Marybeth

Concussion? Get Reiki Treatment.

  "It is my opinion based on years of treating sports injuries energetically, that if you do not use Reiki practice as part of the healing practice you delay the healing process. In many cases the healing process does naturally occur due to time and related physical therapy interventions,but, the healing is enhanced greatly not just a little by the addition of Reiki practice done by a certified Reiki practitioner. We all have healing energy coming from our hands it is our birthright. The certified Reiki practitioner has taken the steps necessary to unleash, through proper Reiki initiations, the enhanced flow of this healing energy that may have slowed down due to life trauma on 4 energy levels. Daily adherence to self treatment and  Reiki principles enhances the Reiki practitioners birthright to be a better channel for the energy flow. I strongly impress this with my students who train with me in Reiki.
  Personally I have seen many people either heal after one treatment or after a few Reiki sessions with me, have cancelled knee, shoulder and ankle surgeries since the healing of their energy field enhanced the natural healing ability of the body rendering the surgery unnecessary.  Those that have had to pursue surgical intervention have healed faster than expected and required less pain medication to ease their discomfort. There have been many fomalized studies done on Reiki to try and educate a skeptical public that Reiki treatment does in fact work. Still it must be experienced to understand the power of it. I do have years of experience in the area of healing injuries and illnesses and continue to accumulate success stories utilizing Reiki practice. The most important being in the area of treating concussions.  I have been treating neurological injuries for years not only in my nursing practice, but, in my Reiki practice also.  People who commit to receiving weekly Reiki practice, and if they can distance Reiki in between, have a greater decrease in symptoms from concussion. This way they can return to life "pre-concussion" sooner.       
    In the brains of deceased football players it has been found that there is a build up of Tau protein in the brain which may contribute to the troubling affect these players develop due to repeated TBI's . I am working on getting a study started on short and long term effects of continued Reiki treatment for TBI in Sports. My own personal observations of the success of Reiki practice in helping concussion recovery has lead me to embark on this important journey to mainstream enlightenment."                             © 2015  Marybeth Lang 

Marybeth McKinnon Lang R.N.
Traditional Reiki Master

Living the Five Usui Principles

   Learning the Usui Principles was a key to a better life for me. Along with doing daily self reiki, they also helped to improve my self worth and ultimately self esteem. It was suggested by Mikao Usui to hold your hands in the prayer position (Gassho) and repeat these principles each day as you let each one settle in to your being.

   Here is a personal interpretation of the five Usui Principles, where physical and emotional self-care are concerned as well as self esteem.  Every one will have their own interpretation of what the Usui Principles mean to them according to their level of spiritual growth. There are many wonderful Reiki practitioners around the globe. We are all practitioners and should consider ourselves practitioners no matter the level we have completed. If our hearts are honest and centered in our practice of Reiki, then more bountiful is the energy that passes from our hands.
    1. Just for Today Do not Worry:
 People with good spiritually based self esteem don't feel the need to worry much, nor for very long, since they have faith that things will work out as they should. This is not to say that they don't worry ever, but, they can evaluate sooner how important it is to worry about a certain situation. A positive attitude is more likely to attract a positive outcome than a fear based attitude. There is a difference between worry and healthy concern which is necessary for safety issues. Still the positive attitude, even when there is need for concern, will help the situation more.
    2. Just for Today Do not Anger:
   It is unnatural to never get Angry. Anger can be a necessary emotion to set healthy boundaries when someone has crossed them, attempted to invade your space or as a song says "done you wrong".  What is healthy and healing, is to reasonably address anger either directly if you can to the person, writing about your anger in a journal or by talking to a trusted friend. Anger is a natural emotion. Holding on to anger beyond its usefulness interferes with your sense of self and self esteem. It can also settle in your body as dis-ease. So if you find you anger easily, think about why you allow people to push your buttons so much, and learn ways to release your anger in healthy ways. Self Reiki, as I mentioned above, also helps you to set boundaries when anger producing situations arise. Those who are practicing self Reiki meditation will avoid or deal differently with known anger producing situations, when they can, as a way of keeping peace in their lives. If someone has upset you, another way of coping is to say a prayer for them to take the sting out of your hurting. Saying a prayer helps to turn the situation over to the brilliance of the universe.

  3. Just for Today Be Grateful:
 Nothing turns around a bad day or negative feeling easier or faster than Gratitude!  When you start your day and awaken with joy it is easy to be grateful. If you awaken and your mind is like a dangerous neighborhood to live in, you can reverse that mind to a great neighborhood to live in, with a gratitude list and positive affirmations. When we are lonely, tired or sick, the old tapes can come creeping back and try to sabotage your self-esteem work. You want to cancel these false entrances appearing real, with a good dose of Gratitude! Start with little things if you need to, things we take for granted that are not so little like our ability to see, walk, hear or breathe. People who have lost these abilities would remind us, to not take them for granted.
          4. Just for Today Be Kind to All Living Things:
    Be Kind. Smile at someone today that could use a smile. Open the door for someone if you both have reached that door at the same time. You might have just given them the kindest gift they have received in awhile. Or if someone opens the door for you or does a little act of kindness, say thank you. Common Courtesy can be a by-product of high self-esteem. Kindness means being kind to you also.  Spread Joy!

          5. Just for Today do an honest days work:
    Each day take an honest look at yourself. What can you do to be a better version of you that day. Now here is a huge building block for self-esteem:  Admit when you have made a mistake and apologize. People with good self esteem are not afraid to admit when they are wrong since they know an apology coming from them is not going to crumble their sense of self.
Are you honest in the business side of your Reiki practice?  Not everyone needs or desires to have a business side to their Reiki practice, which is great no conflict of spiritual interest there. If you do, then represent the true essence of Reiki practice and be honest about your classes, your training and with your income. Dishonesty is a huge block to self-worth and self-esteem. Clean up your side of the street. 
    We are not perfect beings we will mess up from time to time. The goal is progress not perfection. You have free will to judge yourself here on earth. Be easy with you as you grow, treat yourself the way you would a dear friend. If you get rusty on a Reiki principle fix it and do better the next day.                  
     When we work at achieving high self-esteem, it does not mean 'we think we are all that' (ego), 'we know that we are all that' (self-esteem). We know, because we have done and continue to do enough spiritual work, to know that our gifts are just on loan to us. We are aware that our Universal Divine God is in those gifts and shining brightly.
   Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN
     Traditional Reiki Master

Love is all around!

   Oh my February 14th Valentines Day!  Is this day any different than any other day?  On one hand yes it is, we go out of our way to make this day a little more special for our significant others, but, shouldn't we strive everyday to be loving to one another? Of course we should so this day is a reminder.  
    Valentines Day has meant different things to me through my lifetime, but, I think my present understanding is the best one. Valentines Day has historically been meant for lovers. This is a good thing when you are in a relationship with someone else, but, what if you are not in a relationship with a significant other?  Are you supposed to be depressed that you do not have someone in your life to send or receive roses or affection from on Valentines Day? No way! What about the people who are in relationships and do not get their expectations met on Valentines Day should they be depressed about it? Again no.  We don't have to be feeling badly on Valentines Day or any other day for that matter if we are treating ourselves as Valentines everyday. We should be daily giving ourselves gifts ( they do not have to be material gifts), love and flowers to fill our own hearts and needs. Then we can be grateful for the things we receive or do not receive from someone else since what we have is already enough.  When we are enough for ourselves, then it does not matter whether we are getting the love we need or want from someone else. When we are enough for ourselves, we would not choose to be in relationships where we may feel unloved or shortchanged since it would go against our vibration and self love.  
 Even the best relationships can be rocky because of expectations. What if you receive something from your significant other, but, it was not what you wanted? The build up and expectations of Valentines Day can set us up for great joy or great disappointment if we are not careful.  So tell a child you love them, tell your pets you love them, tell a good friend you love them anyone can be a Valentine for you. As John Lennon and The Beatles would say " The Love you take is equal to the love you make".   So authentically love yourself first then you will be a beacon of love without even knowing it to those around you.   
Happy Valentines Day My friends! 
Love, Marybeth

Staying focused on your 2014 Goals!

    Staying focused on your 2014 Goals!
By Marybeth McKinnon Lang
        Well here we are into a new year and another chance to start or restart a project that you have been wanting to complete. We are all aware that the "getting it going" part is filled with fresh ideas, new ways to promote yourself or new materials to complete a project that you have been wanting to complete. It feels great to have surges of ideas and ways to bring forth your creativeness. The dream of getting that song or book written, the vision of completing the project you have been working on is huge business. So how are you going to keep that surge of creativeness going? How are you going to keep yourselves from getting into a slump where your dream or project gets put on the back burner? This can happen it happens to many people. It does not have to happen to you!  You can do this, yes you can! Write this down and keep on writing it until it becomes one with you. Be specific about what you want to achieve and never ever stop telling yourself that, for this is the way to keep yourself motivated. Surround yourself with like minded people who are cheerleaders for you. Limit time with those who are draining to your dreams of success.Don't set yourself up for disappointment once again with people who constantly have been members of the drain gang.  If you cannot limit time with the drain gang avoid sharing your dreams with them and keep your conversations short and general.
    In my blog on Reiki and self esteem I mention ways to have high self esteem so feel free to refresh by reading that blog also. Be fearless in your pursuit of your dream. If you fall short of being fearless shake yourself off and try again. It's fine. Take chances in pursuit of your dream. Remember to not put others on a pedestal only God deserves to be there. That way you will not worry about what others think of your pursuits which of course should be for the highest and best. There are many critics out there. Unless you are receiving constructive advice for attainment of your goal, dismiss the critics. They may be trying to sabotage your dream because they sabotage their own. People with high self esteem will not try to sabotage your dream or theirs. Be kind to yourself, work on daily high self esteem then you will be able to love yourself enough to be loving to others also.
   Happy New Year my friends!
    Love, Marybeth

Staying centered in the midst of turmoil.

   Listening to the traumatic news that appears on the television daily, especially when it hits close to home, is rather devastating to the emotions.  Just think about it.  Here we are sitting safely in our homes and a new reporter informs us of something horrible that is happening somewhere else.  As shocking or saddening as the news can be, some of us are able to let go of the bad news. Not everyone is though,others feel scared and angry.  When you do feel scared or angry, it is important to safely feel the full extent of your emotions ( yes even anger), when horrible tragedies happen to good people by senseless acts of disturbed people. 
    There is not much one can do about something that has already happened, but, we are not powerless to speak up and perhaps avert another senseless act of violence. We can also be mindful of our own feelings of retaliation.
   As I mentioned in a previous post, in regard to the Usui principle "Just for Today Do Not Anger", it is only human to feel anger. It is important for your emotional well being to feel the emotions that come up with unjust acts of violence or unkindness, then re-engage with life in a spiritually sound way. It is the path of a spiritual warrior to deal with the anger sensibly and move on. 
   The media gets paid to keep the ball rolling on something horrific to keep people watching and wondering. If we are constantly watching negative news on TV it hurts the spirit and one does not want to compromise their spiritual grounding. It is not up to us to figure out how and why bad things happen, but, to be examples of how we want the world to be. By not accepting rudeness from other people, setting healthy boundaries and being examples of kindness can actually teach others how to be kind.    
    I agree with  Jack Canfield when he states that he feels that low self esteem is the root of all suffering. Hatred for others begins with hatred for the self. No matter how well we do with improving our love for ourselves so that we can show love for others, there will always be poor deluded individuals who will try to hurt others. I think that the more spiritually conscious people become about right and wrong, the less chance for delusional acts of violence. Be mindful about your motives each day and strive to be kind. 
   When we work daily on ourselves by using Reiki and affirmations it is easier to be kind to others, because, we are being kind to ourselves. Can you imagine a world where we all told ourselves daily we are balanced, abundant and joyful?!  What a novel idea that is simple and does not cost anything.  A peaceful mind despite the outside turmoil. Peace to all.

Reiki for Animals

       Yes pet owners your pet benefits from Reiki practice too! So much has been written about the benefits of Reiki here on the Angelic Touch Reiki website, as well as in books and health related magazines around the world. The powerful effects of Reiki practice on helping people to heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and naturally is just what this world needs. With the high price of veterinary care, what many pet owners don't realize is that animals benefit just as well, if not more, than people do with Reiki practice. You may be saving yourself a lot of money and unnecessary trips to the vet as well. I have used Reiki practice on my cats for years. With the exception of an overnight stay for one of them when she ventured out into the night and got bit by some large toothed animal, they have not had to visit the vet outside of normal shots for rabies etc.. By the way the vet was amazed how quickly the wound healed because I was utilizing Reiki practice on the wound daily. Many people I know whose animals do not receive Reiki from their owners or prophylactically from a certified Reiki practitioner seem to rack up huge veterinary bills for digestive, kidney, and liver problems etc. Just lately I was contacted by someone who was referred to me for a problem she was having with her 19 year old cat. The cat of course because of her age had some hip and hind leg problems plus some digestive organ dis-ease. The owner was concerned that her cat was in pain and they were going to be traveling on a plane with her. She ordered distance Reiki treatments from me and I was able to assess where the kitty was uncomfortable as well as give him a healthy dose of Universal life force energy. A few days later the kitty was climbing up into its cat condo and purring more than it had in awhile. Also the kitty was calm through the plane ride and was eating more when they reached their destination. So save yourself a trip to the vet when it isn't necessary by calling or emailing me to treat your animal energetically. You can also take a Reiki class with me and I can teach you how to treat yourself and your pets!
Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN
Traditional Reiki Master

Self Esteem and Reiki

        One of the greatest benefits of Reiki, is the building of high Self-Esteem. 

  When I completed my first Reiki class 15 years ago, I had no idea that it was going to serve me in so many ways, especially in taking responsibility for every aspect of my life and reacting better when things don't work out the way I want them to.
   Life deals us different cards each day, so even the strongest sense of self can be rocked from time to time when an unexpected card gets dealt. With this in mind, how do you react, when the rug has been pulled out from underneath you, on a day when you felt you could handle anything? Is your first reaction to blame someone else for your misfortune, do you spend the rest of the day, or week, feeling sorry for yourself or worse do you allow yourself to feel bad about you? Now consider this reaction: you are confronted with difficulty in your day, instead of losing your spiritual sense of self, you accept the event as a bump in the road, where you pick yourself up, re-group then move on with faith that things will work out fine.
    When someone has good self-esteem this approach is the usual reaction. They take spiritual responsibility for every aspect of their lives, they generally do not feel sorry for themselves in disappointing circumstances.
    Conversely when someone has not taken time to work on their self-esteem, to the point that they don't have to depend on the ego as much for survival, then the first way is usually the reaction when their sense of self has been challenged.They lose their spiritual sense of self.
  When our self-esteem grows our need to rely on our ego gets smaller, but, never to the point where you don't need the ego for personal safety reasons. A small "e" ego will suffice. Isn't your self-esteem important enough to you? Important enough to react in a better way, when life suddenly pulls the rug out from under you? Mine is and yours should be also, fortunately the practice of Reiki helps us with this.
    As with any adventure into learning the benefits we receive, are equal to what we put into it. If you were going to learn how to play a musical instrument, but, did not practice in between lessons, chances are you would not be able to play that instrument for all it's beauty. You would frequently be off key. The same with Reiki. If you go to a Reiki class, but, don't apply it to your life you may frequently find yourself continuing to be off key. Reiki practice helps us with raising our self-esteem and high self-esteem helps us to stay on key when challenging circumstances confront us.   
    Reiki practice increases the vibration of our energy fields, so we naturally start gravitating toward things or people that are good for us, and consequently away from those that are not. Reiki practice leads us to people, books and circumstances that support our new, healthier way of reacting to life. Reiki practice also helps us to set boundaries with those people or things who would want to sabotage our self-esteem and growth. 
   When you receive the divinely guide energy from Reiki practice either through a class or in sessions with a practitioner, the energy you draw into your body goes to work healing the body on four levels spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. If you have blocks on any of these levels, which are preventing you from truly feeling good about you, then continued Reiki practice will help to release those blocks. It frees the soul to soar to higher places!
 Just as important as self-Reiki is to raising your self esteem, meditating daily on the Usui principles at the same time enhances the process.. I call this self-Reiki meditation and it helps to re-structure your energy system and mind with spiritual thoughts to increase your self-esteem. The Usui Principles are found on my website and in another of my blogs. Following them to the best of your ability each day will help you grow in self-esteem and peace.       
   Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN
     Traditional Reiki Master

Reiki for the Treatment of Concussions.

           Reiki for the Treatment of Concussions
By Marybeth McKinnon Lang RN
Traditional Reiki Master 
    Have you ever bumped your head while getting out of your car, and the pain makes you curse? It hurts, it hurts a lot. Fortunately when we get a bump on the head it tends to be on the surface, so it is the skull that takes the hit. Some fast rubbing of the area and maybe some ice, if you get an egg-like bump, can take care of it. Hopefully when we bump our heads the brain is not affected adversely, but, for the moment it does it hurt and can send us reeling into another personality we don't recognize.
       Now let’s take this a little further. Imagine hitting your head so forcefully that you see stars or have an out-of-body experience where you are not really sure what just happened or where you are? This is more than just a head bump, this is an experience where the brain has been jostled intensely. This is a concussion.
   What is the definition of a concussion? The Center for Disease Control defines a concussion as " a type of traumatic brain injury, or TBI caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a fall or a blow to the body that causes the head and brain to move quickly back and forth."  The CDC goes on to say "Health care professionals may describe a concussion as a "mild" brain injury because concussions are usually not life threatening. Even so, their effects can be serious." 
   In recent years more attention has been given to the occurrence of concussions, especially in sports like Football, Soccer and Hockey. Any contact sport produces the propensity for concussion. So what can be done to help athletes and others who sustain concussions heal?  
   The conventional treatment is rest and prevention of further trauma to the head so that the cells will heal on their own. If there has been a bleed to the brain as the result of head injury, then surgery may be indicated. Most concussions don't seem to cause bleeding to the brain so surgery is fortunately not the indication. So what about the post-concussive symptoms? The headaches, the visual disturbances, dizziness, memory problems, transposing of numbers, and the list goes on. Rest is the conventional key of course. What most people are not aware of is a treatment that can help the body to achieve the rest it needs in order to heal properly. This treatment is Reiki therapy.
  Reiki is a gentle yet powerful, hands treating of the energy field of the body.  It stimulates the body's own natural healing abilities so that the jostled brain cells recover more rapidly than without Reiki. Reiki has been called medicine for the bio-field . It is. While receiving a Reiki treatment the existing energy field of your body is renewed and the relaxation response is stimulated . As the body relaxes, the innate ability of the body to heal naturally is heightened. Your physical body responds to this healing of the energy field by returning itself to a balanced state and with this you know you have found a key to feeling better.
    Each person will have different symptoms from a concussion depending on many factors, some of which are age, force of impact or if they have sustained concussions previously. Whether it is your first or 5th concussion, Reiki goes to work helping to relieve concussion symptoms and heals on many levels.
     Reiki practice has been utilized as a natural way to recover from illness and injury in the United States since 1973. Fortunately for all of us, the western medical world has become more accepting of alternative/complementary forms of healthcare. Reiki is now recognized by the American Nurses Association as an accepted form of nursing practice. Once you have experienced a Reiki session you will understand why. Since this is natural healing, one should keep up the practice of Reiki until your symptoms resolve which will be sooner and better than if you utilize rest only. Get with a Reiki program to help you heal from a concussion or take a class and learn how to help yourself heal better from trauma.   
     Healthy, focused and successful in life is what we want.  Reiki can help us to achieve this.